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10 year anniversary shipping worldwideWe know how to ship internationally!

From conventional/breakbulk to heavy lift and RO/RO shipping and every other form of international shipping, road or rail of high and heavy cargos. Taking your business personally – anytime!

RO/RO shipping

Sailings from Antwerp, Hamburg/Bremerhaven, Southampton, Tilbury, Bilbao, Santander, Barcelona, Marseille.
RO/RO shipping

Conventional / Breakbulk

Sailings from Antwerp and Hamburg/Bremen – all other ports basis “sub. sufficient inducement” and as per line’s schedule.
Conventional / Breakbulk

Robert World Wide Shipping: Over 30 years of experience in RO/RO and breakbulk shipping

Relying on more than 30 years of experience in RO/RO shipping lines we have achieved an outstanding working relationship with most of the carriers and/or operators as international shipping partners in worldwide conventional-breakbulk, heavy lift, RO/RO and container transport. Based on these years of direct contact with international shipping lines and/or operators, combined with our unlimited drive to achieve the absolute best in relation to every shipment for our valuable clients (24/7), Robert World Wide Shipping Ltd. is confident to further develop her solid position in today’s international shipping market.

This means we’ll always be strongly negotiating the best available sailing against the best possible conditions for your specific export demands. Beside the above mentioned, we can also be of service regarding:

  • Full FOB handlings in various loadports
  • Issuance customsdeclarations and waivers
  • Issuance special permits in various loadports for hazardous cargoes (IMO) cargoes
  • Full assistance and pre-advice on your specific Letter’s of Credit
  • Customsclearance and on-carriage to various foreign destinations
  • Our presence during loading, in order to safeguard correct and damagfree handlings of your valuable products. After all we are here to protect your interest under all circumstances.

Looking for transportation and shipment of your camper or motorhome to the destination of your overseas holidays?

Robert World Wide Shipping Ltd. is your specialized and dedicated partner in shipping your camper… the whole nine yards! Already many happy campers have experienced our outstanding 24/7 service and spread the word on their travel blogs or other social media about their pleasant and stressless experiences with Robert World Wide Shipping Ltd.

Check out our camper shipping services.

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